undeclared goods in tamed wilderness

the installation ‘undeclared goods in tamed wilderness’ developed out of an invitation by artist maarigje de maar to use her garden area for a work set-up. the work ‘undeclared goods, las bunitesanan’, was produced in 2008/2009. Originally the complete installation consisted out of 1548 pieces of (non)-coloured acrylic resin. the 13 different forms were cast from found, dead coral residues laying on the beaches of the carribean island bonaire. the dying proces of this very fragile biosystem has been forced rapidly in the past 30 years by oceanwater temperature increase. due to the erapture of the vulcano eyjafjallaj√∂kull in reykjavik/island, april 2010, i spontanously decided to put an edition of 50 pieces on sale at soil gallery, seattle/usa were the installation was shown. this in connection with unexpected airport storage costs for the work and the work of two colleagues. other pieces broke due to the set-up of the work or people stepping on them. it is the third time that the undeclared goods get exposed in a (semi)-public Setting. due to the surrouding and the positioning of the elements every presentation has it’s very specific call. In this particular situation in groningen/nl the installation counts approx. 700 objects. the presenation in a garden, an outer space exposed to weather influences, is the first one of it’s kind working with the undeclared goods. an ongoing process of change (reaction of the material to water, warmth, cold, frost) will be documented and experimented with in a later stage.