platform vice versa (general information)

Vice Versa was initiated in 2006 by Tanja Isbarn. Vice Versa understands itself as a motor for projects organized between artists based in and around Groningen/NL and colleagues worldwide. An important characteristic of Vice Versa is to show work immanent correlations by accentuating facts such as difference as well as synonymous thematic work processes of artists from different countries. To link art languages in shifting cultural contexts makes it possible to relate different idealistic systems. Leaving the personal ‘comfort zone’ wakes up and stimulates reflection. Ideally one Vice Versa project accumulates a future one, held at the location of working/living base of one of the former participating artists. Vice Versa sees an urgent necessity for a building up of a real =non virtual network among artists of various disciplines and cultural organizations from all over the world in order for all participants to stay as independent in their work ethic as possible. Vice Versa 1 took place in 2009 in Groningen and Bristol/UK. This exchange project between 11 artists from both countries also included seminars and lectures given at the academy and university of Groningen and Bristol/UK and was funded by the Arts Council England and the Kunstraad Groningen. Vice Versa 2 is an international exhibition project held at the artist initiative Kunstruimte 09, Groningen. The internationally operating art space kunstruimte 09 is concerned about experiment and research in fundamental contemporary conceptual art. The non hierarchical structure of the initiative reflects in their openness towards dialog and discussion between participants, initiators and public and stands in line with the main motivation of the Vice Versa project. The fundamental idea of the vice versah project part two results from a work visit at SOIL gallery, Seattle/USA in 2010 by three artists from Groningen. Ilona Hakvoort, Matthijs Hendriks and Tanja Isbarn were invited to exhibit their work at the gallery while living at some of the initiative member’s houses. An ongoing exchange developed between Margie Livingston, Philip Miner from SOIL and Tanja Isbarn.