be my coral ___ be my rose in cas di koral
second presentation of participatory work in cas di koral, groningen/nl
a space-filling installation in a private house (bahama-architecten)
02-10.10.2022 cas di koral, bastion 4 , 9723 zh groningen/nl
opening 2 october 2 pm with all makers and the artist and architect present , for everyone interested,
email for a visit in the period 3-10 october

groupexhibition in context of ‘grafiek2022 – ontmoeten’,
1 – 23 october 2022 kunstlokaalo8, jubbega/nl
opening 1 october 3pm, finissage 16 october 5 pm


unfolding the leporello – (documentation of all making sessions and other incidents, period may 2019- oktober 2020)

an act of holding, reading and passing on en situ, performed by the makers
1st may 2022, 5pm
galerie noord, nieuwstad 6, 9711 jp groningen
(filmdocumentation in progres to be integrated in the documentary ‘bmc___bmr’ (CINEbeeld) )


be my coral ___ be my rose

solo presentation at galerie noord/nl
28.11.2020- January 2021 (due to pandemie concrete dates will follow asap)

voor further information please contact

also find announcements @


Floris van den Berg – zoom- lezing 17.12.2020 :

Brief Tanja





just another blockbuster #64

online (stock) exhibition
kunstlokaal 08/nl



05/06 2020

galerie noord/nl


artphy ‘vergankelijjkheid’ (impermanence)





nieuwe atelier collectie in cbk groningen


week van het kunstenaarsboek 2018
groupshow at studio wilma vissers and second hand book shop berger de vries in the context of the week of the artist’s book

13-20 october 2018


art noord 2018
art fair, Museum Belvédère, 27-30 september 2018
kunstlokaal 08 represents five female artists at second edition of art noord.


group presentation in compliment to 10 years kunstlokaal 08, jubbega/nl


conditie en tegenbod

‘tolles theater’ (marcel prins, aftermath 3 feb. opening)
duo presentation with Julia Gubitz curated by Marcel Prins and Birgit Speulman, Kunstlokaalo8,Jubbega/NL

03 – 11 february 2018


zonder titel – no title

international group presentation at ruimte p60, assen/nl
curated by wilma vissers and rudy lanjouw.


opening diner – gallery space p60


joint project with sophie schmidt

28-30 october 2016



portiersloge, groningen
1st-28th november 2015
open to public: nov 4th 12-4pm, nov 12h 1-5pm, nov 20iest 10am-2pm

concept: info presentation portiersloge 11:2015


biotoop presentatie cbk groningen
For further details view attached file uitnodigingskaart Tanja Isbarn


tekenkabinet second edition

Museum waterland Purmerend
20.08.- 31.08.2014
Open: wed. – sun. 12-5pm


galerie kurt im hirsch lädt ein.

30.11. – 22.12.2013

kurtsalon flyer back

kurtsalon flyer front

Einladung KurtSalon


kreise ziehen in progr, teil 2: claudicatio intermittens
(Intermittent claudication , latin: claudicatio intermittens, is a clinical diagnosis given for muscle pain (ache, cramp, numbness or sense of fatigue), classically in the calf muscle, which occurs during exercise, such as walking, and is relieved by a short period of rest. / Schaufensterbeine =Krankheit mit Zwang zum Stehenbleiben, kaschiert durch Ansehen von Schaufenstern).

a silent performance at international art space progr, bern/ch

Tanja Isbarn will be working in the showcase of progr from 29th of june  until the  3rd of july  2013 on a  daily basis from 12-8pm . The work process can be perceived from the pavement.

(extension of work presentation duration possible, for changes please check this website)

public ‘stroll stop’: 03rd of august 2013, 7 pm on foot-walk in front of showcase. the artist will be present (some drinks/snacks offered).


nachtijall, ik hör dir trapsen – vice versa 3

initiation: international group exhibition at galerie kurt im hirsch/berlin

works by Peter Aerschmann (ch), Tanja Isbarn (nl),  Sophie Schmidt (ch), Mieke Raatjes (nl) and Wilma Vissers (nl)berlin

march 10th – april 14th 2013

opening reception, march 9th 2013, 7pm with music by Pandvogel (nl)
closing reception, april 14th 2013, 2-5pm

galerie kurt im hirsch | kastanienallee 12, 2.HH | 10435 Berlin

opening hours: Fr, Sa + So 2-5pm


Nachtijall, ick hör dir trapsen

Vice Versa 3

Cold, solitude and silence will be the most treasured living conditions or circumstances for humans in the future, according to an article in Volkskrant (NL) ,January 2013.

What would you miss the most, if it was not available? Which of these human states would you prefer in your daily life?

When attempting to understand ‘the self’ in reference to ‘the other’ and based on a ‘real’ connection to one’s needs and longings, we could start off with looking at the human body as in Mieke Raatjes work. It creeps into the inner parts of organs, reaching fiber constructions and cell formations. Highly developed modern technology makes it possible to get that view into micro worlds of various kinds. Scientific information is simplified and made accessible for a wider public. The ‘ordinary people’ are now able to connect those impressions of invisible bodily systems and images with the macro world of e.g. urban areas transformed into dreamlike film sequences by Peter Aerschmann.

We might get wiser. We might get lost.

The group of artists presenting in ‘Nachtijall, ick hör dir trapsen’ have both similar and dissimilar  linking elements found in their oeuvres.

Repetition and rhythm of mark making , Tanja Isbarn,   loop sequences, regularity in contrast to the slight ‘off’ situation, playfulness in reference to the scale of purchased or found things as seen in Wilma Vissers work, human dis-ordered conditions could be mentioned as some catchwords or triggers circling around at Kurt im Hirsch.

A craftsmanship concept, here stressing the slowing down of production processes, can be discovered on a high level of performing excellence when looking at Sophie Schmidt’s works on paper and, generally speaking, in all exhibits.

The livre des métiers of 1268 lists about a hundred crafts, divided into seven  groups: Food, jewelry, metals, textiles and clothiers, furs and building.

According to Richard Sennett (The Craftsman, 2008) the medieval goldsmith represented both a place-bound expert of his craft enjoying high reputation of the community by approval of his honesty through assay, and the travelling goldsmith as journeyman responding to opportunities in foreign cities:”Through his managerial talents and moral behavior he had to convince (these) strangers that he could become one of them.”

The presentation “Nachtijall, ick hör dir trapsen” is a reflection of this tradition and can be seen as a modern migration of artistic talent which is both dynamic and entrepreneurial. The presentation brings together the works of five artists from three European countries. We like to invite the audience to use their imaginations when drawing any possible line between the works.

As the title of the show quotes an old Berlin saying, originating from a song (“Frau Nachtigall“ from  „Des Knaben Wunderhorn“), this exhibition does not want to provoke fears of the other as in medieval terms: people and their goods and which can be equally experienced in modern societies, but instead calls for an inspiring visit at Kurt’s 2013 Wonderland with a variety of tones and sound offering the chance to compose something refreshingly new.

Tanja Isbarn, January 2013


Vice Versa in Bristol

Tamany Baker, Marian Brugman, Arantxa Echarte, Ilhona Hakvoort, Mattijs Hendriks, Tanja Isbarn, Penny Jones, Natasha MacVoy, Mel Shearsmith, Merijn Vrij, Moniek Westerman

Preview: Thursday 19 November 2009, 6-9pm

Gallery Open: 20 Nov – 6 Dec 2009, Thurs–Sun, 12-6pm (or by appointment)

Motorcade/FlashParade, BV Studios, Philip Street, Bristol, BS3 4DR

Motorcade/FlashParade presents VICE VERSA a group show culminating from a series of exchanges between eleven artists from Bristol, UK and Groningen, Holland.

Over the course of a year exchange visits have been made to share working practices, debate and conversation, with collaborative group shows in each city. In November Bristol will host VICE VERSA alongside a dynamic programme of workshops, talks and a public seminar. The seminar, to be held at the Spike Island Associates Space, will address associated values of swapping or replacing, giving and receiving, and the sharing of knowledge or experience to produce change.

Discussions and debate will explore the practical experience of exchange between artists from different countries, why we choose to create these relationships and what impact they can have on our practice.

VICE VERSA includes new work made specifically for the Motorcade/FlashParade gallery. The artists work with a range of media, strategies and tactics including photography, painting, performance, appropriation and installation. Site specificity is confronted and reflected through recycled and manipulated local natural materials whilst other works reinterpret the gallery context, creating a sense of encounter and dissonance. The persistent interest in materials oscillates between seductive beauty and a disquieting fascination.

VICE VERSA concludes a year’s exploration of exchange in which collaboration and individuality have played important parts. The conversations begun in the gallery may be continued and debated long after the public seminar finishes.

Associated events:

VICE VERSA Public Seminar, 21 November 2009, Saturday 10.30am – 4.00pm
Spike Island Associates Space, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 6UX

Further information on the project and details on booking for events available at

VICE VERSA is supported by several organisations including the Arts Council Southwest, Kunstraad Groningen, Alias Arts, Spike Island Associates, UWE and Land2.



soloshow, Groningen/NL 2008



groupshow Verkuno, Roden/NL


Wet paint

groupshow in Pictura, Groningen/NL, 2001