walls project no. 3: EGO COOP

EGO COOP is a cooperative site-specific installation by Ilona Hakvoort en Tanja Isbarn. The room, portiersloge/groningen, can not be visited from inside the space. the work can only be perceived from the outside, through a window

(see images of visitors looking through ‘verfkijkers’. Verfkijker is an officially non existing word made up by the daughter of Hakvoort as a child (verf=colour). The sound of this word concept approximates the Dutch word verrekijker meaning binoculars. The installation contains of a walldrawing expanding over three walls, coloured resin objects (Tanja Isbarn) and two mirrors on the floor orchestrating with a swarm of coloured resins (Ilona Hakvoort) on two walls. While making red marks on the wall Isbarn worked with her back towards the window. Passangers could observe her without being recognized by the artist. Vice versa Isbarn witnessed some moments of ‘hide-and-seek’ when people, mostly women on the street, used the window as a mirroring surface checking their make-up and general outer appearance without realizing that someone was standing on a ladder inside the space watching them. This collaborative work tries to tackle subject matters such as perception of space, focussing on personal (dis)comfort. Fantasies of landscape and definition of masses expanding this particular experience by two artists.