be my coral __ be my rose

participatory project – the making of  a site specific installation kindly supported by kunstraad groningen en stichting stokroos.

this work will contain of a huge number of tiny elements and can only come to live with the helping hands of others.

first friday session 17th of may 2019. (view here the call for  project participation : 14th session)


state of the art 09.12.2019: 82 collonies of approx. 100-250 fakes per group.



end of making proces (first phase) october 2020.
project presentation november 2020- february 2021 at galerie noord/groningen.



the project continues sinds april 2021. a core group of 13-15 helpers structurally works on the extension of the number of elements for a site specific installation of approx. 30 square meters ground, preferably going into the volume of a space by growing vertically.

the helping hands of young creators from visio/haren contribute to the ‘gesamtwerk’ at present for a couple of weeks.




the project’s documentation is kept in form of a leporello fold (first phase 14,5m in length) and in a documentary (in progres) made by marleen höster from cine-beeld.