verabredung mit der aare (25.05.2012-09.06.20120)

‘verabredung mit der aare – 25.05.2012-09.06.2012’ is a photographic time documentary work. while working on the concept and the physical adjustments of the studio floor (residency flat ) in the first couple of days of my stay in bern, the near by streaming river aare had caught my interest and influenced my daily morning routine: i ran along and swam in her every morning. ‘verabredung mit der aare’ consists out of 50 sheets of white DIN A4 paper each page having two or occasionally one photographic print on it. the perception of (passing) time in a repetitive daily routine and the awareness of an ‘outer and an inner’ space situation (the workspace and the two depicted spots for the shooting) build up a frame in which i acted for the duration of the residency. the two ‘shooting’ locations were chosen or better found rather intuitively. at 10.30 am, 15.30 pm and 20.30 pm every day was different to the previous one concerning the light, the weather circumstances and the general situation on the ‘sets’ (i.e. sometimes the yellow parasols of café altberg were openend all together, sometimes one showed it’s coloured wings whereas the one next to it remained self contained , at other days only the pols of the sunshades with the yellow fabric folded around them could be spotted). i tried to remember the previous shot five hours ago as well as i could when positioning my body and the camera in order to take the photographs. for the artist talk and presentation of the complete body of work to the public on 6th of july in the rooms of the residency 40 papers (up to no. 76 photograph) lining up on the walls of the hall and the office area of the flat with the same space in between the sheets. the perception process took place by walking along the lined up papers, the visitor moving her/himself passing the bygone twelve days such as in a film. the lyrics of the song ‘beginning of memory’ by laurie anderson printed on exactly the same paper and format hung right to the ‘verabredung mit der aare’ sheets with a discreet gap. the complete work ‘verabredung mit der aare’ will be shown at the open studio event on 15th of july 2012 at location oosterhamrikkade south side no. 7, 9731 ka groningen. with regards to contents and presentation: the fith sheet showing the photographs no. 9 /10 has been printed out after discovering that the original sheet went missing in the transportation process from bern to groningen.