the hights – research project on flora and herba of the swiss mountains

under the professional guidance of barbara keusch i am researching the flora of the swiss alps since 2022.
barbara keusch is a highly experienced mountain climber and plantologist. barbara was born in the swiss alps and naturally has build up an immense knowledge of the mountain land-scape, it’s dangers and beauties, the treasures hidden in the most smallest growing life  2000 meter+ above sealevel. barbara shares her knowledge with the team of the herbal garden of the monastry dornach where i was so lucky to meet her for the first time in 2022 while staying as  residence artist at this tranquile place. the first herbarium which we produced together that year is a collection of a selected group of garden spices and very common plants of the region. writings from barbara’s memory and floral knowledge transported by her family over generations are accompanied by watercolours which i painted during my stay in dornach.


in 2023 we went on our  first mountain trip together and explored the land of the ober/unterengadin . the collection of alp flowers we pressed and preserved is now being worked with and will again be resulting in a collection of 13 ‘portraitures’ within the same frame work as described above for the herbarium but this time being a florarium.



this summer we will explore the wallis region in a research period of one week.