transtonations is initiated by tanja isbarn. an international group of artists explores the theme of transition through the work of the composer astor piazzolla as a metaphor for change and movement. the project wants to tell a story about difference and similarity, autonomy and cohesion. starting from a specific state, a musical exercise – étude #5 -,  into different forms of expression will overlap in positions such as film, spatial and two-dimensional works, sound art, music and text. the participants are diverse and authentic with a contemporary critical examination. transtonations is oriented towards the bauhaus movement and the concept of theater der totalität, postulating a blurring of the boundary between stage and audience. the aim is to develop works that interact with each other an the audience.  in the run of the three stages a dynamic gesamtkunstwerk will grow within a certain – partially acoustic – rhythmic flow of the individual works within the framework of the project. the first transtoations presentation took place at museum eicas in the netherlands in 2023. next stops will be sweden and germany during 2025-2026.
further information via or instagram_ tanja.isbarn.